Aleksandra Mir

Antarctica: A Play

DARTINGTON HALL—An experiment in performance hosted by the Playgoers Society, Studio 31, Devon, Saturday 28 November 2015

Script Aleksandra Mir
Coordination Tim McGill
Artist Rosie Race
Captain Aretha Hinchcliffe
Calendar Sarah Thomson
Doctor Bevis Taylor
Documentarian Jonathon Mason
English Rose Katie Bottoms
Guide Tim McGill
Sailor Nikki Kearle

The Actors arrive at 9am to find the scripts in sealed brown envelopes. The only information they have been given beforehand is that the play has been written by an artist with no previous theatre experience, that they are going on a journey on board a sailboat to Antarctica, a short description of their own character and type of costume to bring. They also know that they only have one day to rehearse and that at 7.30 pm, the doors will open to the public.