Aleksandra Mir

Wildflower Meadow

GLASGOW—My inspiration was the lyrical natural settings in which Ingmar Bergman often placed his carefree and romancing youth (in films like 'Summer Interlude' or 'Summer with Monika'). Making out under the sun, protected from judgement and convention, they reflect back on these memories with affection later in life and as hardened adults. I wanted to create a site that could encompass all stages of a lifetime and maintain the same soft touch and beauty throughout

Research and Development commission begun in May. Identification of the site along the river Clyde and development of a five-year timetable together with wildflower expert gardener Tedd Scott conducted in June and July. Cancellation of project due to controversy over artist's statement in August

In retrospect it may seem naive to even believe such a project could fly in a deprived Glasgow estate, which was undergoing major capital improvement. But at the time, I had the genuine support of both commissioners and collaborators, who really liked the proposal and only backed out when a publicity exhibition misfired and I was accused of everything from encouraging rapes on the riverbank to causing teenage pregnancies, in turn giving the developers a bad rep. I was offered the choices of 1/ proceeding with the meadow, which was still a highly desirable improvement of the area, but without the attached statement, or 2/ publishing the statement and losing the commission. The statement was published in 'Untitled', ed. Polly Staple, no 26, Nov 2001. The proposal remains open