Aleksandra Mir

Tune in, Turn on, Drop by

NEW YORK—I was reading fragments of early Timothy Leary lectures to an audience not even born at the time when he first gave them. Seated on fake oriental carpets, people of my generation listened patiently to Leary’s teachings, which seemed both dated and strangely timeless at the same time. Other acts included the musician Mohrinder Singh's film score covers on the Sarangi, Early Hiroshi stripping to ‘Strawberry Fields’, the last performance of Fancy Pantz School of Dance, film screenings of Jim McBride’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding, Jeremy Blake and Teresa Duncan’s History of Glamour, some Scottish bagpipers and many more. A large wall painting of the Taj Mahal was also painted with tempera paint on to the Mylar that covered the space. As it dried, the whole painting literally fell off the wall