Aleksandra Mir

Triumph London

LONDON—Inspired by a friend who had been a famous athlete in his youth and kept mementos of his achievements as he was visibly ageing, Mir placed an ad in the local newspaper in Palermo, Italy, asking the general public for their old sports trophies. Within a few months, Mir collected 2,529 trophies from every genre of sport, dating from 1970s and onwards and had them cleaned and archived. In the exhibition, the trophies are displayed individually and in groups on plinths and the floor, or piled on top of each other like detritus. Mir explores the power of the trophy, both a coveted symbol of accomplishment and a garish, mass-produced item of little value. Triumph is also a powerful visual statement of our tendency towards nostalgia, and the temptation to wallow in memories of past youth, vitality and joy...

Margot Heller, South London Gallery, June 2012