Aleksandra Mir

The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA—A new exhibit by Aleksandra Mir didn’t go over so well at the Philadelphia Inquirer, not because of a bad review but because it was located in the newspaper’s public room and some employees took offense. Titled The Philadelphia Inquirer, the exhibit consists of eight collaged section-front pages of the Inquirer and focuses on women as presented in the paper’s pages. Often text and image are juxtaposed in a jarring way, such as a photograph of female roller bladders wrapped around text describing women "power brokers”

The exhibit is part of Hidden City, a month-long arts festival taking place in historic spaces across the city. But now those venues no longer include the Inquirer’s public room, often used as a gallery space by such institutions as the Moore College of Art. Philadelphia Newspapers, which owns the Inquirer, has decided to move The Philadelphia Inquirer off the premises

Mir Exhibit Offends at Philly Inquirer,, New York, June 2009