Aleksandra Mir


ICELAND—Various Locations. In the summer of 2003 I hitchhiked around the island with an object of obsolete telecommunication in my bag, a red telephone box. This happened in that short window of time when one could still be completely unreachable, between the disappearance of public payphones and landlines and the final capitulation to cellphones. No social media, not anything but the sounds of nature and ones breath

I thought that for a traveler like myself, it would be nice to come across a red payphone once in a while to call home from. I imagined all the decommissioned UK payboxes could be shipped out to some of the most remote and beautiful areas in the world, equipped with the most advanced sattelite technology and free. And I imagined how precious those phone conversations would be

Ring, ring!


Hi, It's me

Where are you calling from?