Aleksandra Mir


WOLVERHAMPTON—A text work created in response to Gavin Wade's exhibition STRIKE at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, September 14th - November 9th 2002. Invited artists were asked to answer 2 questions:

1. How does/could/would the withdrawal of art affect the world?

2. Does the answer to the first question reveal ways that art can affect the world or strike a blow on the structures of the world?

The concept was to present works and ideas which speculate on or document the withdrawal or loss of art in order to ask whether we can clearly define or redefine roles and process's of art within world structure. The main mode of work within the exhibition was textual with the vinyl texts applied directly to surfaces within the gallery. STRIKE ran concurrently with a retrospective of Conrad Atkinson's work. Atkinson made a work for the ICA in 1972 called Strike At Brannans utilising existing documentation of the workers strike at a Thermometer Factory in Cleator Moor.