Aleksandra Mir

Space Tapestry - Solar System

TATE LIVERPOOL—Distances in the Universe are truly vast and unfathomable to human minds. When the ‘light year’ measure was invented, we were able to slash 11 zeros from previous cumbersome measurements, but we still do not know what a light year is. We would have to be photons to fully understand what traveling at the speed of light means. To make this problem more tangible I paired the closest planets in the Solar System with specific locations in my local neighbourhood: East London. I picked eight iconic locations, which I can access by walking or cycling and matched them each with a planet, asking questions of how far a location is from its associated planet. I wanted to stimulate a sense of distance and to let others think philosophically about distances that are relevant to them or that collapse onto each other.

Aleksandra Mir, Tate Liverpool, Exhibition Brochure, 2017