Aleksandra Mir

Samansatta Ord

LONDON—A Dialogue with Annika Ström in and on the Swedish Language, which we speak better than any other.

Having lived half of our lives outside of Sweden though, as expats we hold a position from which we can romanticise, revel in nostalgia, laugh at our respective dialects, marvel at the poetics of the most ordinary expressions and indulge the materiality of words we never take for granted but that we use with great reverence on occasion.

Language is by definition a collaboration, since words exist for people to exchange ideas. So we mash up our respective media and aesthetics to see what will happen. Annika paints, Aleksandra draws, while every detail in regards to logistics, content and composition, which we as individuals would normally act on intuitively, now has to be discussed and negotiated.

We agree to apply ourselves exclusively to composite words (Sammansatta ord or Together+Put words in direct translation). A Together+Put word is a new word made out of two earlier separate words, the most economical way to create new meaning.

These words, so mundane in their purpose to serve a basic function, are also the most playful, hilarious, arrogant and melancholic. We salute our Sammansatta ord!

All works: Acrylic Paint / Fiber-Tipped Pen on Paper, 90x180cm, 2018