Aleksandra Mir

Love Stories

VEJER DE LA FRONTERA—1,000 love stories were solicited from the general public, each marked with a heart and the protagonists' initials carved into a pine tree at the NMAC Foundation's vast forest compound. The story could be factual or fictional, past or present, personal or remote, enduring or brief, legal or illicit, tender or sadistic, passionate or platonic, consummated or wishful, originally authored or in quotes, covering the widest spectrum and turning the traditionally intimate act of carving a personal sentiment into a grand public display of human experience

A team of assistants and myself executed all the carvings by hand with the first 200 trees completed in October 2005, 700 more in July 2006 and the final 100 in December of 2007, leaving a cacophony of interlaced narratives in the forest. The hearts will remain on the trees as long as the bark into which they are carved will hold them. Eventually, the bark will grow old and fall off, the signs will be erased and the work will disappear back into nature