Aleksandra Mir

Living & Loving No: 3

KNOXVILLE— November 2005


I have just finished four days interviewing the subject for the next biography. His name is Mitchell Wright and he’s a 29 year-old fine art graduate student at the University of Tennessee here in Knoxville

I met Mitchell last summer when he walked into my studio in New York, looking for a summer job. He was the shyest of my assistants, I couldn’t figure him out at the beginning and I thought this boy to be the most likely to pull out a machine gun and shoot us all. After a while though, we discovered a shared interest in outer space and in the end he brought me a tray of home baked cupcakes

Right now, Mitchell is finishing his last year in school and he is lingering somewhere in between it all: his country childhood and big city plans, his education ending and his professional life starting, hopes and anxieties about the art world, the past and the future all compressed into one. I think it will make for a great story



The project is the public dissemination of one ordinary man's extraordinary life. Originally printed in an edition of 5,000 copies, it was distributed for free from White Columns, New York, 2006

Living & Loving #3—The Biography of Mitchell Wright
Aleksandra Mir / Polly Staple
White Columns, New York
ISBN: 0-9552848 / ISBN: 978-0-9552848-0-9

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