Aleksandra Mir

Il Sogno e la Promessa

ROME—The Quattro Canti crossroad at Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Palermo is the location for Pantaleone, a historical shop of religious items, furniture and clothing. It is perhaps the biggest Italian shop of this kind. This place was a source of inspiration for Aleksandra Mir, an artist of Polish origins who grew up in Sweden and lived in New York before moving to Palermo. Mir is fascinated by popular culture. According to her, the objects exhibited at Pantaleone's provide an account of the tradition and the faith in our country. The shop and its storage space has been used by the artist as a visual library documenting a vivid religious sentiment. This generated the body of work presented in her recent exhibition in Rome, 'Il Sogno e la Promessa', a series of collages made on old religious prints from Pantaleone where sacred figures meet objects from outer space. In Mir's view, up in the sky there is a particular liturgy made of common universal symbols

Borghese, Alessandra, Ispirazioni celesti, Corriere della Sera, Milan, May 2010