Aleksandra Mir

How to Be a Joshua Tree

JOSHUA TREE—Instruction Manual produced for the High Desert Test Sites Spring Event, 2003 on the invitation of Andrea Zittel and Lisa Anne Auerbach.

This small booklet was put together from video stills and document a brief performance where I re-enacted a Joshua Tree in 2001.In 2017, a second version of this publication was created for the exhibition

An Ephemeral History of High Desert Test Sites: 2002-2015
curated by Aram Moshayedi and Sohrab Mohebbi
Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, Joshua Tree, CA

Andrea Zittel's assistant Tatiana Vahan was tasked with assembling the original files according to my incomprehensible instructions. Beautifully put together and printed in the end, when I received my copies, I discovered the second edition was realized at 50% size of the original. A wonderful surprise which leads me to believe that as I turned 50 this year, I should just start working myself backwards and re-create ALL my works at 50% size.

Photos by Lisa Anne Auerbach