Aleksandra Mir


MULTIPLE LOCATIONS—HELLO is a photographic daisy-chain linking people who have met in varying circumstances, spanning a wide geographic, historical and social spectrum. It involves the famous from all possible arenas - sports, politics and entertainment - but also their fans, family, friends, enemies, including my own family and friends and their further relations. Collectively, these images form an unbroken chain of human encounters where new stories and subtexts emerge with each new image added to the chain. It is a simple idea, but with all its variables, the project’s complexity expands enormously and easily becomes a lifetime commitment, theoretically encompassing the whole photographed population on Earth. HELLO has been exhibited many times and made again for each location:

HELLO Colchester, 2011
HELLO Whitney (Cancelled), 2004
HELLO Ringier, Zurich, 2003
HELLO Lyon, 2003
HELLO Sydney, 2002
HELLO Tennis, 2002
HELLO Paris, 2002
HELLO Bern, 2002
HELLO San Francisco, 2002
HELLO New York, 2001
HELLO London, 2001
HELLO Edinburgh, 2000