Aleksandra Mir

Garlands for People

PARTILLE—My aunt and niece visiting from Poland collaborated on the flag garland. My niece helped to paint the flags, bleeding the Swedish blue and yellow into green. My aunt glued them to string and I hung the garland all around the kitchen so that it could be seen from the window, to consciously provoke nosy neighbors with this silly multicultural celebration. In effect, mostly because my father was irritated not to be able to access anything in the cupboards, we ended up tearing the whole thing down after a week

LILLA ASKERÖN—The second garland was made for a house that overlooks the sea on the island of my childhood friend Maria Ståhl. We gathered pinecones in the surrounding forest and I tied them onto string. Maria’s brother and husband helped to climb the ladder and hang the garland high up in the pine trees, facing the sunset that we watched from their porch. She left it out over the winter and as far as I know, it is still there