Aleksandra Mir

Space Tapestry - Pluto

PLUTO—I was first discovered on 18 February 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh and was originally considered the ninth Planet from the Sun. The distance of 7,5 billion kilometers from Earth and merely a small blurry spec on its telescopes, meant I was eventually downgraded to a Dwarf. It was not until NASA's New Horizons spacecraft passed by to take my closeup on 14 July 2015 that I reveled myself the scientific wonderland that I am and to Earth's delight and amazement, I also displayed a large beating heart. My beauty and grace won everyone over and Earth fell in love. Speculations about returning my status to Planet began, I suspect, in order to allow me to be considered a match and a legal bride. But it doesn't really matter to me. I am not in the market for marriage, nor a casual long distance relationship. I am just fine with how things are. I always knew of my qualities And from here, it is you who look so small. This is a quote from my favorite song Fine Line, by Eminem