Aleksandra Mir

Female Curator Haridos

LONDON—In the spring of 2001 I had a residency at Delfina in London, the room so small I only used it as an office. One day I received a phone call from Polly Staple: "Mark Leckey and I are doing a fanzine called Saturday and we want you to make a drawing for it!" I grabbed a Sharpie and an 8x10" sheet of copy paper, office materials that I always had lying around my desk for taking telephone notes and made my first conscious Sharpie drawing while we were on the phone. Polly was a dynamic and emerging curator at that point, so I created the a brief history of female curator hairdos inspired by and for her. They printed it and there it was. Saturday had fantastic bite. It took the piss, out of ourselves, our contemporaries and our seniors, but it was very tender at the same time, as was all our humour in those days. One page was a shag wish list that included many of the admirable but aging YBAs. My drawing to Polly was made in the style of the satirical cartooning I had come across very early as a child already in Poland. Maybe this was my first visual influence and I had always felt that what could be achieved with a single black line was more powerful than the complexity of any painting. I was always drawn to graphics for its simplicity. Polish poster art was in fact very conceptual, based on an absurdist humor, irreverent to the film industry aesthetic it often advertised and always seemed like a fine enough fine art to me...

Ana Ibarra, Interview w Aleksandra Mir, 2012