Aleksandra Mir

Current Events

These drawings are all made from a few days up to some weeks after an event, so positioned somewhere between the immediacy of bombastic but quickly forgotten news and the grandeur of long lasting history painting.

I am working in a blindfold, in that I have to wait for events to unfold and I never know the content of my next drawing, trusting in the accumulated effect and the act of chronicling to deliver a truthful depiction of our era.

While I love doing the research, working out the composition of a new picture and packing a whole narrative into a single frame, analyzing the properties of the physical materials that appear and making the shapes, textures and tonalities sing, I really don't enjoy the depiction of destruction or suffering, but hold firm to the humanist tradition that produced the great historical chronicles, from Ancient Babylon to Medieval Ireland.

My only regret is that I didn't already start making these the year I arrived in NYC to go to art school in 1989. Imagine this chronicle by now!

All works: Sharpie on Fabriano, 150 x 180 cm