Aleksandra Mir

Post No Bills - White Columns

Artforum, New York, Oct 2005
By Michael Wilson

Post No Bills
17 June - 23 July 2005
White Columns, 320 West 13th Street, New York, NY - USA

... There are also those that draw specifically on the bold graphic conventions of poster design: John Armleder's None of The Above, 2005, and Kathy Slade's I Want It All I Want It Now, 2003, both of which rely on strong text and flat color for their impact, fall into this category. But only occasionally, as Aleksandra Mir's The 21st Century Abortion Abolitionists, 2005, and GuerillaGirlsBroadBand's typically sardonic The Advantages of Another Bush Presidency, 2004, did the overtly political make its presence felt. ...