Aleksandra Mir

33 vilde dogn (33 wild days and nights)

Politiken, Copenhagen, March 1996
By Henrik Vesterberg

Update '96
Feb - March 1996
Dr. Tvaergade 6A, Copenhagen - Denmark

Tonight, Update opens—100 young artists from all over the world will run amok.

Once, the Turbinehallerne in Adelgade supplied the city with electricity. In our days it comes from the H.C. Orstedsvaerket—while this one is closed. But when we take off the Turbinehallerne again will become a living and important place for the city. Just in another way.

So says Mikael Bertelsen with a pleased smile. After half an hour talk he has finally managed to come up with a simple way of explaning the significance of Update.

Mikael Bertlesen is on leave from his work as producer at Danmarks Radio in order to plan and take part in the hybrid art exhibition—together with 15 other young artists, dj's, musicians and people from the medias. The name Update can be perceived in at least to ways, says Mikael Bertelsen: partly there is the possibility that people are updated with regards to new art and music abroad, and partly Update is about updating the visual expression in itself. I am primarily in charge of the music programme. Of course, I have approached the artists in relation to the things they have done before. But it is equally important that the artists want to contribute on our terms—if they are game for putting up with whatever happens. If they meet other artists here and decide to work together instead of what has been planned that is even better.

Step on the gas

During the next month, everyday except Monday the Turbinehallerne will open the doors for concerts, happenings, installation art, debates, exhibitions with sculpture, objects and video art by more than 100 younger artists from Scandinavia and the rest of the world. In the words of the organizers, they will participate in the attempt at trying to create a far more funky, dynamic way of presenting art.

The arrangements during Update depend on the artists ability to cooperate with eachother. In particular focusing on the interaction between modern visual art and techno music.

Normally, cultural life divides the music industry from the art scene. According to the Update-people this has not anything to do with the perception of neither the artists nor the audience.

Update is a cultural political statement against the rigidity, the hierarchy and the believe in authorities within the art scene, says installation artist Jes Brinch who has put is own artistic practice aside to be able to work as a mediator at Update. We have put up a constructive alternative to the galleries and the museums. Something more than just saying: Hi, I am Jes Brinch can I have a show at Kunstforeningen? And then if you drive a nail into the wall, they are so afraid the stucco may fall down. In here, we step on the gas and drive ahead.

Never again

The programme for the opening party with free entrance gives a hint about Update's self-image as the alternative version of an art exhibition. At 18h you can meet the Swedish-Norwegian performance group Sunny Heart Video who dressed in leather and riveters will perform the doom metal-show Speedy Horny Virgins and Sambuca from Gothenburg offers transformation analysis. With marking strings and dogs, Polish artist Aleksandra Mir will expose the audience to Welcome—Social upbringing in a relaxed and frivolous atmosphere. And the American artist Nico Jenkins will start out her 10 days performance where she has made it her business to learn to speak Danish with help from the audience. Danish ambient group Future 3 will play all the while succeeded by dj Daniel.

And what is this going to lead to? For sure, this will be both the first and last Update. According to Jes Brinch there is no intentions of turning Update into a recurring event: Update is a one time event where we would like to show another way of doing it. It should not be a biennale that the young kids in a couple of years needs to make counteract against because it has become a rigid structure. When it is over, we are done with our role as mediators. At least, I don't want to bother anymore.