Aleksandra Mir

It could be yours

By The Art Newspaper
The Art Newspaper, Art Basel Daily Edition, Basel, June 2012

Art Parcours
14 - 17 June 2012
Art Basel, St. Johanns-Vorstadt, Basel

Aleksandra Mir’s modified Fiat 600, La 600, 2012, reduced to two-thirds of its original size in homage to Gabriel Orozco’s similarly shrunk Citroën, which is currently parked on St Johanns-Vorstadt as part of Art Parcours (#4), has attracted considerable attention from beyond the art world. The burghers of Basel have been somewhat perplexed at this seemingly abandoned mini- vehicle, left in very unSwiss disarray with its lights on and doors open, with a number of notes being left on the vehicle including one from a mysterious correspondent, only identified as M, who wrote: “I love it!” M might be in with a chance: so precious is this piece to Mir that there is no set price tag. Anyone wishing to buy it will have to undergo an interview with the artist to make sure they will cherish it appropriately.