Aleksandra Mir

Everyman, A Biography

Hot Tickets, London, Aug 2002
By Helen Sumpter

In December of 2001, Aleksandra Mir was undertaking an artist's residency at the California College of Arts & Crafts when concern over a suspected break-in brought her in contact with the college's 28-year-old manager of public safety, D. C.

Telling Mir his detailed life story, including a childhood in foster homes, teens as a punk, a stint in the Marines, jobs in security and nightclub bouncing plus love, marriage, fatherhood, heartbreak and divorce prompted Mir to promise C that one day she would make a book about his life.

The result is a 32-page publication commissioned by Cubitt Gallery titled Living And Loving #1: The Biography of D. C.. Five thousand copies of the booklet also containing photos from C's own albums (such as this one, right) have been published and will be given away free.

"I hope this will be the first publication in a series of many," Mir explains, "because what I'm proposing is that anyone passing you by in the street is worthy of a biography. C made his story available in such and incredible open and complete way it seemed like a ready made. It's purely his version of his history but it also becomes like everyone else's story because through it you can also read the history of a nation, a generation and really the whole world."