Aleksandra Mir

Unbound Thoughts

By Alex Ross
THE magazine, Santa Fe, April 2010

Unbound Thoughts
18 February - 10 April 2010
James Kelly Contemporary, New Mexico, February 2010

James Jernigan's first curatorial venture for James Kelly Contemporary confirms that works on paper are witnessing re-legotimization as a principal site of evolving aesthetic formations. The eight artists in this survey are using the medium to explore concepts of myth and mystery. Responding to the twentieth century's self-mythologizing iconographic programs, several of the show's participants address the near sanctification of correct form and precise execution that accompany Modernist design's influences on artistic practice. ...

Palermo-based artist Aleksandra Mir photographic collages manifest witty smash-ups of religious iconography and images of space travel-sitting both the scared and scientific within the mythology of ascension while commenting on Italy's transition from a religious culture to the equally speculative universe of modern physics. ...