Aleksandra Mir

Remarks on Interventive Tendencies

Danish Contemporary Art Foundation, Press Release, Copenhagen, Aug 1998

Public Seminar 28 - 30 Aug 1998
Danish Contemporary Art Foundation, Copenhagen - Denmark

The seminar will discuss key subjects with today's art practice. Especially art as a means of critique and social exchange will be focused on.

Since the beginning of the '90's a set of artistic idioms have made their presence felt. They span a discursive and institutional scale from the independent artists' run space to the international biennial. They are for instance: "multidisciplinarity"; "art as service"; "the return of the real"; "the evaluation of the role of the spectator"; "everyday aesthetics", "contexts-sensitive art" and so on. Even though these quantities aren't reducible to the same thing, they seem to form a current in the concerns of artists, curators and critics.

Furthermore, there is a tendency to develop the relationship between art and economy. That is to involve economic structures—in the broadest sense of this term—in the realisation of artistic concepts. How is this related to the distribution of power and production, and how do we work with this assimilation of our own gestures in society? How does it affect questions of identity?

In discussions of the self-empowerment of groups and collaborations, the notion of the "cultural producer" seems to be a central one. Often involving topics such as cooperation, ad hoc production, and imitation, contradiction or realisation of corporate and market structures, is this a new type of public art in real time? What formats and economies can be used in an art that changes continuously and must carry out continuous inquiries?

The point of departure for the discussions will be specific exhibitions, works and projects, as well as theoretical questions (insofar as these can be discerned from practice). The speakers in the seminar work with or occupy positions between the positions and professions of the art world: practice and theory, curating and art-making, "official" culture and counter-culture, critique and production, administration and "craft", inside and outside of the institutions and the art market.

Participants: Rasheed Araeen, Ute Meta Bauer, Plamen Dejanow and Swetlana Heger, Okwui Enwezor, Jens Haaning, Herik Plenge Jakobsen, Lars Bang Larsen, Aleksandra Mir, N55, Toby Webster and The Moderne Institute, Andreas Siekmann and Alice Creischer, Barbara Steiner and Superflex. Moderator: John Peter Nilsson, editor in chief, NU—The Nordic Art Review.

The intention of the seminar is to create a vivid discussion forum and spread information about art. Welcome!