Aleksandra Mir

Artist-run Space and or Show

By Aleksandra Mir
Decentre - concerning artist-run culture, YYZ Books, Montreal, 2008

Low budget is typically compensated for by high energy
The peer group is fundamental for a healthy development of the ego
Work behind the scenes gets distributed among everyone who cares to pitch in
A learning ground for production
Extreme risks are taken out of sheer naiveté
Small accomplishments are evaluated on their own terms
Transcendence is as natural as is problem solving
It’s a band and a bond
A place to pass through and to leave fulfilled
Intimacy cuts down on bureaucracy
Fuckups happen and are part of it
Intensity is guaranteed
Friendships may burn out but the results can be worth it
Most heroes remain anonymous or are quickly forgotten
Space for Labor of Love is its true name

Life is Sweet in Sweden, Trixter, Gothenburg, 1995; Update, Copenhagen/Roskilde 1996; Pick Up (oh baby!), Lyd/Galerie, Copenhagen, 1997; Bingo Blues, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, 1998; First Woman on the Moon, Casco Projects, Utrecht, 1999; TOP SECRET, Kaffibarinn, Reykjavik, 2000; Living & Loving #1—The Biography of D. C., Cubitt, London, 2002; Pink Tank, Cubitt, London, 2002; Happy Holidays, The Wrong gallery, NYC, 2003; Localismos, Perros Negros, Mexico City, 2004; Funky Lessons, Buero Friedrich, Berlin, 2004; Exhibition 13, Champion Fine Art, NYC., 2004; Nuclear War, Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden, 2004; Tonight, Studio Voltaire, London, 2004; Merit Badge Show, Craryville, 2005; Trade, White Columns, NYC, 2005; The Most Beautiful Thing Today, White Columns, NYC, 2005; Post No Bills, White Columns, NYC, 2005; Tea and video art, Locus, Athens, 2005; Labyrinth, Botkyrka Konsthall, Tumba, 2006; Bunch Alliance and Dissolve, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, 2006. Living & Loving #3—The Biography of Mitchell Wright, White Columns, NYC, 2006; Detourism, Orchard, NYC, 2007; Disco Coppertone, Locus Athens, Athens, 2007; PAWNSHOP, e-flux, NYC, 2007; Sicilian Pavilion, Palermo – Venice, 2007; A Retrospective of Printed Matter, Printed Matter, Inc, NYC, 2007.