Aleksandra Mir

'How Not to Cook Book' New Edition

By Ken Hollings, New York, September 2010

A new mainstream edition of my friend Aleksandra Mir's art project The How Not to Cookbook, to which I am contributor (along with about 999 others, but that's not important right now), has just come out. The contents are the same but the format is a little smaller than the previous editions; the cover is new and the price more affordable if you happen to order from the US - $16 at Amazon.

For more information please visit the How Not To website, where you can read reviews, download samples with illustrations and follow the development of the project. "We are working hard on future titles," the How Not To team report, "and would like to invite everyone, anywhere, all around the world to contribute advice on such various subjects as How Not To Romance; Parent, Sport, Nature, Art, Pet, Work, Travel, Live and Die. We like people from every walk of life to tell their story and give us advice of what NOT to do!" This is public service for the public. Pass it on.