Aleksandra Mir

Art Since 1989

By Kelly Grovier
Thames & Hudson, World of Art, London, Nov 2015

However contentious their relationship throughout history, science, religion and art share a responsability to awe. For her collage Astronaut, Polish-born Swedish-American artist Aleksandra mir collapses into a single portrait seemingly anthiethical Catholic and space-exploratory iconography, thereby asserting art as the undiscovered frontier in which such historically rivalrous visions are reconcilible. The work comes a mere seventeen years after the Catholic Church finally acknowldeged in 1992 the centrcity of the sun in the solar system (a claim it previously punsihed as herecy) and a decade after Mir propelled herself to prominence by staging a phony lunar landing on a beach in Holland in a facetious feminist stunt to stake a claim to being the first woman to land on the moon.