Aleksandra Mir

Pursuit of Perfection

By Don Tercio, London, July 2012

Triumph London
27 July - 14 September 2012
part of Pursuit of Perfection: The Politics of Sport
South London Gallery, London

Rather than organizing a rather typical exhibition about altus, citus, fortus and all the typical Olympic spirit the South London Gallery have decided to go for a rather different approach even if the city is hosting the most important event on earth these days.

'Pursuit of Perfection: The Politics of Sport' has more to do with all those dark and coldly calculated games of politics that are played before, during and after the games than with the Olympic spirit itself. You know how important the international backroom is, especially for the UK when they were bidding against Paris & Madrid for these games.

The SLG summer exhibition brings together art works which, in different ways and to varying degrees of seriousness or wit, play on some of the issues raised by sport, the politics surrounding it and its representation in the media. From Aleksandra Mir’s spectacular installation Triumph which comprises 2,529 trophies to the works by Roderick Buchanan or Ariel Orozco.

A exhibition which also takes place at the Southwark Old Town Hall where John Gerrard’s latest Exercise (Djibouti) uses digital technologies to explore aspects of sport, spectacle, military exercise and power. On the other side you’ll find Michel Auder’s low-tech video collage of clips from TV coverage of the 1984 LA Olympics focusing on the human body, eroticised and mechanised in its pursuit of perfection. A summer must that runs until Sept 14th.