Aleksandra Mir

Monuments for our time

RA Magazine, London, March 2013
By Emma Crichton-Miller

20 April - 30 Sept 2013
Lismore Castle Arts, Waterford

A new take on an old tradition at Lismore Castle

Lismore Castle Arts near Cork is mounting a show about monuments. Mark Sladen, who is curating the show, says the setting of Lismore Castle and its gardens, owned by the Dukes of Devonshire since 1753, is rich with monuments which 'memorialise its creators'. Sladen wanted to explore contemporary responses to a genre that he says 'contemporary artists might be wary of. Many monuments are expressions of vanity or propaganda.'

Five international artists have been invited to exhibit, including Pablo Bronstein, Aleksandra Mir and Dahn Vo. Bronstein is making a folly in the garden, while Mir uses sculpture, video and digital collage to explore her ideas. Mir's satirical series of images includes an inflatable aircraft juxtaposed with an ancient temple. Dahn Vo will show some fragments of 'We the People' (2011), his long-term project to create, in copper parts, a same-size replica of the ultimate Western monumnet, the Statue of Liberty. As Sladen points out, 'while these artists are clearly sceptical about the monumnetal tradition, they also suggest ways in which it can be co-opted or brought up to date'.