Aleksandra Mir


By Robert Clark & Skye Sherwin, London, July 2012

Triumph London
27 July - 14 September 2012
part of Pursuit of Perfection: The Politics of Sport
South London Gallery, London

Sport and conceptual art rub shoulders in this engaging group show. Aleksandra Mir provides the most spectacular piece: 2,529 trophies acquired from Sicily’s local champions. Most of the artists, however, choose to focus on the spectators, with sport as a black hole into which we pour our dreams and fears; see Paul Pfeiffer’s film collage about the TV cameras’ fixation with the moment when a fallen football player writhes about in agony. The most surreally poignant work, though, is by Ariel Orozco, whose photograph memorialises Perro Balon, a stray dog from Mexico City which became a neighbourhood hero when it was tattooed with a football pattern. ...