Aleksandra Mir

Jeremy Scott Blows Up 'Fake News' on the Runway

By Vincent Boucher
Hollywood Reporter, Feb 2019

"Controversy is all we have now; we live in a constant state of click-bait, screaming headlines and 'fake news,'" said Scott.

This weekend, Jeremy Scott’s runway was, as the saying goes, awash in “controversy.” The L.A.-based designer emblazoned his co-ed men’s and women’s collection with cheeky tabloid headlines and block-letter buzzwords in graphic black and white with the help of artist Aleksandra Mir.  (The only exception was a foray into black and blue during the denim section.)

“Controversy is all we have now,” the designer told The Hollywood Reporter backstage. “We live in a constant state of click-bait, screaming headlines and ‘fake news.’ People are always at each other’s throats.”

Nonetheless, Scott managed to work his theme into an appealingly inventive and complete wardrobe, from trench coats to tutus, T-shirts to tailcoats. A tall bereted brute in a moto jacket and matching leather pants spouting a welter of giant New York Daily News-style headlines got an enthusiastic “Yas!’ from somewhere in the front row. And a slinky, Swarovski-crystal mesh mini at the finale lived up to its blaring tabloid declaration: “BABY, IT’S HOT.”

Yet the designer hasn’t completely lost his sense of hope, what with one of his printed tulle prom dresses proclaiming, “THE END IS NOT NEAR,” and there was room for some guarded — and well-dressed — optimism. Or as he put it after the show, “It can’t last forever. Something has to explode or implode or burn out.”