Aleksandra Mir

All The News That's Fit to Print

By Chris Bors, October 2007

Newsroom 1986-2000
15 September - 27 October 2007
Mary Boone Gallery, New York

Aleksandra Mir’s project at Mary Boone gallery in Chelsea, Newsroom 1986-2000, is at once an homage to New York City and an exercise in collaboration. After scanning over 200 covers at the New York Public Library from the often trashy and sensationalist - not to mention biased - tabloids, the New York Post and the Daily News, Mir and a team of assistants set up shop in Boone’s large Chelsea outpost.

On a large table in the gallery they recreate these covers using black Sharpie-brand markers on large sheets of white paper. While the final result resembles a high school poster project, the work is endearing with a cartoony graphic punch and a charming DIY aesthetic. The work particularly hits home for anyone familiar with the hyperbolic media coverage in the Big Apple.